Spearheading the category with high quality products, TTK Prestige is known for its innovative and popular kitchen and home products, with a customer first approach to all products. With over 6 decades of experience, we constantly innovate to break the clutter of the category and change the lives of our users. We’re India’s leading brand built on the foundations of trust, transparency, knowledge and innovation. With the sole aim of revolutionising the modern Indian kitchen, we continue to strive to create path breaking products driven by an insatiable urge to innovate.  tissues which are highly absorbent and soft. These multipurpose Origami So Soft Face Tissues can be used at workplace, home and even while you are traveling. These tissues are made using virgin fiber to deliver superior quality and hygiene. They are soft and absorbent, and also made from recycled material from regenerative forest sources. So every time you use one of the tissues, you do so without impacting the environment. So go ahead and pull away!

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