Yardley London is one of England’s oldest and most established purveyors of quality perfumes and soaps. Steeped over 240 years of heritage, Yardley London is a quintessentially English fragrance brand and prides itself on offering authentic and excellent quality floral fragrances and ancillary body products. Yardley London prides itself on its two Royal warrants and since 1921 has been awarded 6 Royal warrants. Yardley of London (usually referred to simply as Yardley or Yardleys) is a British personal care brand and one of the oldest firms in the world to specialise in cosmetics, fragrances and related toiletry products

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Yardley Sandalwood Perfumed Talc 250G


Yardley London Talcum Royal Red 250G


Yardley London Imperial Jasmine Perfumed Talc Powder for Women 250G


Yardley London English Rose Perfumed Talc for Women 250G