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Loreal Hair Spa : How and When To Use?

Hair Spa is a treatment which helps nourish your hair and is designed to strengthen hair follicles. It helps revitalize the scalp and roots of your hair, eventually aiding in the natural regrowth of damaged, broken or fallen hair. Steps involved in Hair Spa are as follows.

  1. Shampoo: This is the first most important step in this procedure. It revolves around cleaning the scalp and cleansing all the dirt and dead skin cells. Our scalp is supposed to have a lot of clogged pores which contribute to a ton of hair issues. Unclogging pores is effective in regenerating hair growth.
  2. Hair Mask: Based upon your hair issues like dry scalp, dandruff, smoothing, keratin treatment and much more, they have different solutions to it with different hair masks to tackle each of it, respectively. Choose accordingly and apply a deep conditioning or repairing mask and keep it for 10 minutes at max to let it sync into every nook and corner and roots of hair and scalp.
  3. Massage: The next step to this procedure is to massage your scalp which increases the blood circulation and provides deep conditioning to the roots of the hair strands. Let it absorb the nutrients and soak in the mask and nourish the roots. This should last about 10-15 minutes. It nourishes the root, scalp, and hair all together.
  4. Steam Treatment: This is a crucial one from the procedure. It opens up the pores and absorbs the product better and on a deeper level as this treatment is all about. This even helps in cleaning and nourishing your scalp.
  5. Wash: Lastly, wash your hair gently and completely. Let it dry naturally, do not blow dry.
  • Benefits of Hair Spa
  1. Improve hair texture: It is one of the fundamental reasons you get a hair spa done. The mild steam removes all the dust particles and free radicals that are responsible for making your hair feel rough and coarse. It improves the overall texture of your hair strands and repairs any broken ends. Spas help treat frizzy hair, making them smoother and silkier. Your hair needs all the pampering just like you do.
  2. Reduces split ends: Initially, split ends are primarily caused due to broken hair strands and lack of nourishment. Spa treatments help revitalize your hair and reduce dry ends that are prone to breaking. First thing is to avoid further split ends and for that you need to trim your hair a week before getting a hair spa. Here we aim to design, repair and revive damaged hair.
  3. Nourishes the scalp: The most relaxing part of a hair spa is the oil massage. The herbal oils used in this procedure act as stress relievers and boost circulation in your scalp region. The massage further enhances the absorption through the hair roots. It contains moisturizing sealants that seal in the moisture and keep the hair soft and luxuriant.
  4. Reduce dandruff and other hair issues: Dandruff is basically caused due to dryness of the scalp. Often due to lack of adequate amount of moisture. These hair treatments are mostly about hydrating your scalp and keeping it nourished and boost the production of natural oils too. It is also believed to fight all the hair issues such as dryness, rough, frizzy hair, and much more.

Doing Hair spa, step-by-step helps regain your lost volume, texture and length. Let’s take a look at products from L’Oréal to enhance the treatments available at Beauty Baskets.

  • L’Oréal Professional Hair Spa Smoothing Creambath
  • L’Oréal Hair Spa Hydrating Concentrate Ampules
  • L’Oréal Serie Expert Glycerol Nutrifier Mask
  • L’Oréal Professional Serie Expert Gold Quinoa + Protein Absolut Repair Shampoo
  • L’Oréal Paris Hair Spa Vitalizing Cream

Explore many more such products from L’Oréal which help with Hair Spa Treatment. Do take the courtesy to visit your official website and shop hair care products from us.

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