How To Use L’Oreal Inoa Hair Color and Its Benefits

Loreal Inoa Hair Color


L’oreal is proud of its Inoa hair color, claiming it is completely ammonia free and genuinely respects your hair.

Since this product launched 10 years ago, it is still the number one choice for many of the world’s top colorists, including owners of Bond Beauty, Suzie Bond, Jennifer Luszczak, and many more.

It uses a modern delivery system and has no odor. According to Loreal’s brand spokesperson, with the innovation of Inoa hair color, a new hair coloring satisfaction has been created.

L’oreal Inoa keeps your hair protected, doesn’t let your hair weakens during the coloring process, and you won’t smell anything.

Here are the ways to use Loreal Inoa’s hair color.

Steps to Use L’oreal Inoa Hair Color
Products You Need

  1. Get a plastic bowl and a hair color brush
  2. Mix the Loreal Inoa hair color with Loreal Inoa Developer 20 volume in the bowl.
  3. Use latex gloves and keep a few hair clips with you
  4. Now, mix all in the bowl.

Prepare Your Hair Color 

  • Put on gloves before you apply Loreal Inoa hair color and developer to protect your skin against chemicals.
  • Keep an old towel on your shoulders to protect your clothes while applying Inoa hair color.
  • Remember to mix Inoa hair color and developer in a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio.
  • Mix both until the mixture becomes smooth and consistent in color and texture.

Apply the L’oreal Inoa Hair Color

1. Use a comb to divide your hair section into 4 parts.
2. Use hair clips to hold the sections apart. Separate your hair into these sections and make sure you don’t miss a patch of hair.
3. Use hair gloves to apply the Loreal Inoa color to your hair.
4. Set a timer for how long you must leave the Inoa hair color on.
5. Rinse it with Loreal Post Hair Color Shampoo.

6 Benefits of Using L’oreal Inoa Hair Color

Here are the 6 benefits of using L’oreal Inao Hair color in your business and for clients

1. Gentle: The L’oreal Inoa hair color has 60% oil, which makes hair hydrated and nourished. This product is not harsh or damaging to your hair. And the remarkable fact about it is you can notice the difference in your hair texture and shiness once you rinse it.

2. Fragrance-Free: The Inoa hair color from L’oreal is fragrance-free. Sometimes hair colors make people nervous. But with Inoa, you will be surprised by its results. It is occasionally unavailable in stock because everyone wants to use it.

3. Different Shade Ranges: You will get 116 shade ranges in Inoa hair color. This product offers cool and classic shades with high resistance to fading, gold naturals with a hint of warm, intense red, including unique technology for long-lasting results.

4. Helps with Grey Coverage: Not all hair color products will help you with grey coverage. But when it comes to L’oreal Inoa’s hair color, you won’t be disappointed. This product is so creamy and consistent that it will stay on wherever you will paint.

5. Never Disappoints: With hair color products, it is all about performance. Whether it is about grey hair coverage, durability, shine, and care, L’oreal Inoa will never disappoint you. It is one of the highest-performing hair colors you will use throughout your life.

6. Suitable for Business Purposes: L’oreal Inoa hair color is a good product for business purposes like salons. Once you start using this product with your clients, they will get to know the real benefits of it and will come again and again for it. And with the help of Inoa hair color, you can see the increase in your business over time.


  • In the end, we can say that if you want to color your hair but are worried about the damage, use L’oreal Inoa hair color.
  • This product will provide you with intense hydration, shine and satisfaction.
  • Buy L’oreal Inoa Hair color from Beauty Basket at the best price and carefully follow all the steps mentioned above.
  • You will be able to see all the benefits of Inoa hair color once you start using and love it.

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