Beauty Basket by GCDL IS a retail beauty store that started in the 1962 with very humble beginnings and have always aimed to offer hand selected world class brands with an amazing Discounts. BB intends to revolutionize your shopping experience by giving you a relaxing, comfortable and convenient place to indulge on yourself or your loved ones with premium and professional skin, body and hair care products, Fragrances and inner wear.

With over 400+ trusted brands And a Catalogue of Over 20,000 Skus, the aim is helping you find just the right hue that makes you glow, the perfect shade that brightens your smile and the ideal fragrance to compliment your personality. The beauty industry and we have wonderfully evolved to offer an equally amazing range for everyone. We offer the products that we have offered over the years to support your go-to beauty regimen but our beauty experts would be happy to introduce you something completely new but still you.

Here at BB we are a youthful and eager group of beauty enthusiasts aiming at continually sourcing the coolest items from around the globe at affordable prices. We truly believe in every product we carry. We wouldn’t sell them if we didn’t.
Welcome to a world of discovery and exploration and be prepared to be mesmerized.