5 Best Taft Hair Spray for Men and Women – Check Out Here


You might have selected the perfect outfit and worn the most flawless makeup, but what crown your look is the hairstyle.

An ideal styled hair can do wonders to your overall look. And when it comes to styling your hair, a Taft hair spray is one of the essential products for your vanity.

Those days are gone when hair sprays only meant a crunchy, sticky, and unnatural look. The formulation of a Taft hair gel is lightweight and non-greasy, giving your hair a smooth finish.

If you have been looking for a hair spray that is best for your hair, check out the different types of Taft hair gel and buy according to your hair needs.

Let’s dive in!

Different types of Taft Hair Spray

Here’s the list of different types of Taft hair spray that you might find helpful in the hairstyles you want to try:

  1. Taft Super Glue 14 Hair Styling Gel – Taft Super Glue 14 hair styling gel ensures long-term fixation of your hairstyle. It doesn’t stick and leaves no residue; very easy to wash out too.

This hair gel has the maximum power to hold complicated looks and will protect your hair against humidity, wind and UV rays.

The challenging hold feature of this hair spray will give you desired hairstyle in a go, thanks to its two combined polymers that offer the hair a beautiful shine.

This hair spray is made of a mist formula to offer super-setting properties without any stickiness. If you want to use this spray for volume, spray directly onto the roots of the hair. And if you wish to use it for styling, spray on individual strands.

  • Taft Looks V12 Power Gel Speed Hold – It is a non-sticky and easily washable hair gel. Taft Looks V12 power gel offers ultimate hold to your hair and provides a natural hairstyle.

This hair gel is formulated with V12 fixing agents; you can keep your hair just how you like them. Moreover, the V12 power gel leaves no residue and does not make your hair frizzy.

It consists of high endurance polymer, which is highly flexible and allows you to use gel on your hands through your hair without losing grip.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is hair spray good for hair?

Hair spray won’t damage your hair if you use it in a moderate amount. But if you use it a lot in one go, ensure you wash your hair regularly. Also, you can use hair masks and serums in your daily hair care routine to maintain the health of your hair.

2. Is hair spray better than hair gel?

Both hair spray and hair gel gets used in styling, and you can use either. While a gel gets used to create the hairstyle, the spray holds that style in place for a long time. You might only need a hair spray at the end for simple blowouts. It simply depends on the need and what works best for you.

3. Is Sleeping with hair spray bad for hair?

Sleeping with hair spray might affect your hair health in the long run. It may lead to frizziness, weak hair follicles, etc. And, you don’t need to wash your hair before sleeping. Always wash your hair the next day.

Furthermore, a good quality hair spray like Taft hair gel or hair spray won’t damage your hair even if you sleep with it. Because they won’t leave a residue on your hair, always invest in a good hair spray or gel.

4. Can hair spray be used daily?

If you use hair spray in moderation, have premium quality like Taft hair gel or hair spray and wash your hair daily, then you can use a hair spray daily. Don’t forget to brush your hair before sleep o that any leftover residue gets removed.


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